Learn All About Birthstones

If you're looking for information about birthstones or birthstone jewelry, you've landed on the right website. Birthstonia is a comprehensive informational site that covers any & everything imaginable, related to the topic of birthstones.

A birthstone is a stone or more specifically a gemstone that is used to represent a person's birth. The stone chosen is usually by birth MONTH, or in some cases by their ZODIAC sign if they're a big fan of Astrology; and then they're some who choose to represent both.

Every month has what is commonly known as the main or traditional birthstone, and then there some months (6) which have what is referred to as alternate birthstones. These alternate birthstones are easily explained on the individual birth month pages, where it'll all make more sense.

Online and offline resources are researched in effort to bring you the most informative, in-depth, and detailed information about birthstones. The link to each birthstone month can be seen below, as well as in textlinks within the menu above, which helps in further navigating this website. We hope you've found this website helpful and find the information you were looking for.













Not Sure About The Birthstone?

If you're looking for birthstone information and you're not particularly sure about the date of birth, or even the month itself, we've got you covered. Lot's of people like you visit this site and either: 1) ONLY know the color of the birthstone and nothing else, 2) ONLY know the birthstone month and nothing else, 3) ONLY know the person's zodiac sign and nothing else, or 4) ALREADY know the actual birthstone name, and would simply like more information about it. Either way, the answer to your questions can be found using one of the links below.

By Month: This site's top main navigation covers birthstones by month. It was primarily created with a focus for people who are searching for birthstones that  correlate with the person's birth month.

By GemName: This webpage covers the actual birthstone name. It was primarily created with a focus for people who already know the names of the actual gemstone.

By Zodiac: This webpage covers birthstones by zodiac signs. It was  primarily created with a focus for people who are searching for birthstones that correlate with their zodiac sign. Although these birthstones may differ from the traditional (monthly) birthstones, the people looking for their zodiac birthstones are likely Astrology enthusiast who are in tune with their astrological side, and simply would like to know. Some will wear this birthstone all year round, and some wear it only during their zodiac time frame, for the potential astrological benefits thereof.

By Color: This webpage covers birthstones that correspond to a particular color. Using it may not tell you exactly which birthstone it is; but it will allow you to narrow down your choices and hopefully choose the correct one through the process of elimination. Birthstones don't come in but so many colors, so this page should be helpful in you selecting the right one.

Useful Resources

Jewelry: This webpage covers a brief summary regarding birthstone jewelry. It was primarily created with a focus for people who are searching for birthstone jewelry for themselves or a loved one. It's sort of a buyer's guide, with an emphasis on things to consider when purchasing birthstone jewelry.

Resources: This webpage full of links covers any and all birthstone related resources. And for all those interested, we actually have pages for the following: About Us, Media Mentions, Social Fans, Testimonials, Industry Links, Contact Us